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Hosting Your Own NuGet Server

The PS-NuGet client doesn't support Local Feeds (ie from a filesystem), only feeds generated by the NuGet.Server package. PS-NuGet is not intended as a replacement to NuGet, but as a fork designed specifically for system administrators to maintain a repository for PowerShell modules. As such, it was deemed easier to install NuGet.Server so there would only be one port to deal with for firewalls and there would be no XML feed to manually maintain.

Deploying a NuGet server using the NuGet.Server package is super easy thanks to the NuGet team!
  1. Install either Visual Studio Web Developer 2010, or the free Visual Studio Web Developer 2010 Express
  2. Install the NuGet Visual Studio Plugin
  3. Follow the steps outlined by the NuGet team for Creating a Remote Feed
    • In Step 3: You will want to make sure the app pool identity in IIS has write access to the packages folder listed in the "packagesPath" app setting. The default folder is the "packages" folder in the web site. This can be changed to any path you want, as long as the app pool identity has write access.
    • In Step 4: You will also want to set an API key so you can use the Package Explorer to update your packages. A GUID makes a good API key, in PowerShell just type [guid]::NewGuid() to generate one.
  4. Provision an IIS site and copy the code from Visual Studio over to the root folder.

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