Installing a NuGet Server | Making Module Packages

Getting Started

Download the PS-NuGet module here.

Extract to the modules folder that you want it to manage. By default, there is a per-user module folder at %UserProfile%\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules and a system-wide module folder at %SystemRoot%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules. Be aware that if you install it to the system-wide folder you will need to launch Powershell with elevated rights to write/update files in that folder.

You can also modify the PSModulePath environment variable to create a custom location for your managed modules that PowerShell will search when you use Import-Module. This could be something like c:\NuGetModules or c:\scripts\modules or whatever you like. This method has the added benefit of separating the folder that is being managed by PS-NuGet from other modules you may want to install manually.

Package Commands


Source (NuGet.Server) Commands


See Examples for more information on how to use the module or run Get-Help within Powershell to get more detailed documentation for each command.

Hosting Your Own NuGet Server

We don't support Local Feeds (ie from a filesystem), only feeds generated by the NuGet.Server package.

Building Your Own NuGet Packages

See Making Module Packages for details on packaging modules for PS-NuGet.

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