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Building From Source

There is not really that much to actually build. In fact, the only compiled code included in this project is the OData client that is auto-generated using DataSvcUtil.exe against the NuGet.Server metadata.
  1. Download the source, extract to a working location (ie ~\PS-Nuget)
  2. The module script files are included at ~\PS-Nuget\src\PS-Nuget
  3. To build the OData client
    1. Edit ~\PS-Nuget\Build\ODataClientBuild.ps1 to point the ServerURI variable at your NuGet server. In most cases this will be http://nugetserver/nuget. You can verify this URL by appending $metadata to the end of the URL and you should see an OData metadata feed that looks similar to the public NuGet package server's feed
    2. Open Powershell and run ~\PS-Nuget\Build\ODataClientBuild.ps1
  4. To install the module
    1. Create a new folder for your module (ie c:\users\Username\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PS-Nuget)
    2. Copy the module files into this folder (copy ~\PS-Nuget\src\PS-Nuget\. c:\users\Username\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PS-Nuget)
    3. Copy the OData client DLL to the module folder (copy ~\Build\NuGet.Server.dll c:\users\Username\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\PS-Nuget\NuGet.Server.dll)

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