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What is NuGet?

NuGet is a Visual Studio extension designed to make it easy for developers to import open source libraries into their development projects.

What is PS-Nuget?

PS-Nuget is a Powershell implementation of a NuGet client that works with the free NuGet.Server package and purpose-built NuGet packages to maintain a library of Powershell modules that can be easily installed and updated.

This Powershell module was designed primarily with System Administrators in mind, as a tool to help maintain a current and consistent set of Powershell modules across an environment. As such, it assumes you will be operating your own NuGet.Server that is mostly populated with in-house developed modules (but neither of these is a requirement).

Why Not Just Use NuGet.exe?

There are 2 main reasons why I decided to write a completely custom implementation of a NuGet client rather than just wrap around the NuGet.CommandLine package.
  1. NuGet.exe requires .Net 4.0, which may not be installed on all of your servers (and more importantly it may not always be practical to get it installed everywhere just to maintain Powershell modules).
  2. NuGet.exe is written as a Visual Studio extension, therefore it assumes it is being called from a Visual Studio environment. I originally started off wrapping some cmdlets around NuGet.exe, but quickly found myself spending most of my time working around its desire to live in a Visual Studio project. It seemed like it would be better to spend my time building a tool that I didn't have to fight to get to do what I wanted.

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